Asylum (Single)

by Antlason

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This is a single for the upcoming album
know as hate, pain, sadness.
Yes I still in school, This is preview on what the album going to sound.
Hope you like,
God Bless.


Asylum by Antlason

Darkness comes, doors closed in,
feel noting, but you will,
that kill you inside,
lies finally came back,
to haunt you,
minds gone to waste side,
hope you see no sun,
no food to eat,
feeling trap.

$1 fix,
coming inside to
the madhouse, want to fly
so high,
I just want blow brains out,
It too much time dream inside,
reality steps in.

I want you to go away
execution chair,
It time to go away,
Time to say goodbye.


released 01 March 2014
Antlason: Samples, Beats, Keyboard




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Antlason Chattanooga, Tennessee

Antlason is here for one resson to make music and nothing more!!! Nu Metal ,Hip-Hop ,and more !!! Antlason stated in late 2008 but due to Issues it stated really in 2009. Some were in June 2009, but anyway I make most Instrumental Metal music back in 2008 but now it is a mix of Nu Metal/Instrumental Metal/Dark Wave/ sometimes hip-hop but mostly Nu Metal or Instrumental Metal. ... more

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