by Antlason



This is album about a lots of things,
go lots of up and down in peoples life's.

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Hope u like it

God Bless


released September 7, 2011


Freedom : Guitar, Keyboard, vocals
Mirrors of Fear: samples from lmms, vocals
Hip-Hop Land: samples from lmms, Guitar,Keyboard




Antlason Chattanooga, Tennessee

Antlason is here for one resson to make music and nothing more!!! Nu Metal ,Hip-Hop ,and more !!! Antlason stated in late 2008 but due to Issues it stated really in 2009. Some were in June 2009, but anyway I make most Instrumental Metal music back in 2008 but now it is a mix of Nu Metal/Instrumental Metal/Dark Wave/ sometimes hip-hop but mostly Nu Metal or Instrumental Metal. ... more

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Track Name: Freedom
Freedom: by Antlason

Freedom is just a word,
just mean a freedom life,
of you pain soul, and
will come back in the end.

I won't tolerate you
hate in this land, why
can't just have happness,
why all of this hate, one
day the people will find the true,
and will have. FREEDOM!

I'll make a rock wall,
so you can't kill us,
don't try to run or hide,
come down and face you sin.

I won't tolerate you
hate in this land, why
Can't just have peace,
why all of this sorrow, one
day the people will find the ture
and will have. FREEDOM!

If people can't get the ready ture,
No one will every be free from sorrow of hate.
Track Name: Mirrors Of Fear
Mirrors of Fear by Antlason

1.) Why the beating, so much fear,
blood is killing ur deadly pain,
eyes of horror will eat u to a house,
there lies the mirrors of fear.

2.)nine, Knifes, of the
frozen hahaha, time for the food,
but have u for today,
then Sit on the mirrors of fear.

Welcome to the people,
not for people,
Gov save no one,
But there bloodly money,
Sad but ture,
hate goes out the carts,
ture light must come,
or die.

*4 Stop blaming u problems,
grow the carp up,
read the light,
know the light,
and show other the light.

(C)Mirrors of fear

Track Name: Hip-Hop Land
Instrumental Track